Meet Franklin

Franklin is a work in progress and turning into a lovable guy that has tons of energy. He’ll be a
great partner on jogs, walks, hikes, etc. He self entertains when you need some Non-Franklin
He’s super smart but will need someone that can give him consistent direction and leadership.
We are working on manners and respecting other’s personal space and sharing toys. He’s
coming a long nicely, but like all kids his attention span is short. He is very very food motivated
and will do just about anything for a treat, but don’t hold out on him for too long cause his
excitement will get the best of him. He’s a lovable lug head that just wants someone to love
and play with him.
He would do best with an equally energetic dog of equal size. He gets a long with his 12 lb
foster brother, but hasn’t figured out how to play gently yet or contain his excitement. He
would not do well at this stage with any dog that can not tolerate someone in their personal
space; Franklin is a licker and has not figured out not everyone likes to be licked over and over
on the face or foot or ear etc. He empties the toy bin daily, playing on his bed with them, then
when the bin is empty he plays with that.
Until he learns to control his excitement he’d do best in a household with no small kids or older
adults he might knock over trying to say hi or trying to figure out if they are going to share
whatever they are snacking on. He’s never shown any aggression to people, dogs, or cats, just
a little too much zealous love. He’s definitely a puppy at heart.

Our Adoption Process…

The adoption process starts with our online adoption application which will provide all the basic information we’ll need to ensure each of our adoptable pups finds the best possible home.

Once contacted the adoption coordinator will discuss in more detail what all you are looking for in a new family pet and answer any questions you may have about the adoptable dog or our rescue.

Step Three is a home visit will be scheduled and one of our local volunteers will come meet potential adopters as well as their other pets. This is also a great time to talk more about the ideal characteristics of what you’re looking for in a dog so we can ensure the best match possible.

The meet & greet can be very joyous and so long as all goes well an this is when an adoption is approved. However, in most cases we do require a 72 hour “Think about it” period between the meet & greet and finalizing the adoption to ensure everyone in the family is fully committed for a lifetime of love and care for their new Pit Bull.

Once each step is completed and approved and everyone has had time to sleep on it to be sure they are ready to commit to the animal for a lifetime the adoption is finalized. We would love to welcome you into our Guardian Alumni adoption family!

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