Interested in Saving a Life?

Opening your heart and home to a foster dog is a very valuable and rewarding way to help a dog in need become and stay adoptable. Pit bulls, like any other breed, need lots of socializing, training, exercise, and love to stay emotionally stable. In a foster home, they can receive this care and attention and they are more likely to adjust to their forever homes with ease. Each dog taken into our program is evaluated for temperament and matched with a foster home that is best suited for that particular dogs needs. We always strives to put both foster homes and foster dogs in the best possible position to  succeed and help make saving a life a fun and positive experience. Fosters also offer the  invaluable benefit of be able to do an on-going behavior assessment. This allows us to address any behavior issues early on so that any problems can be addressed in training before a behavior escalates to becoming a problem. Often times we don’t know the full background of a dog’s history so the integration process is very important. Structure along with good leadership and good management, is what helps the pit bull become a breed ambassador. They are more likely to STAY in their new home after being fostered in a caring home committed to socialization, training, exercise, and love.


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Fostering Requirements

You must be at least 21 years old.

You must have a flexible schedule to take your foster pit bull to routine healthcare exams, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, or any other emergency that may come up.

As a foster care person, you must be able to make a commitment to spend time socializing your foster pit bull in as many situations as possible. He will need to be around children, adults, crowds, and – as appropriate – other dogs as much as possible in a safe and structured manner.

You will need to be aware of – and most importantly – you must report any behavior changes in your foster dog’s to one of the Foster Care Coordinators.

A safe space must be provided for your foster pit bull: a room, or preferably a crate, where he or she can initially be separated from other resident animals. Your pit bull must always be separated from other resident animals and children when you are not available to supervise the interactions.

None! Crates, blankets, medicine, food, and even toys can be provided by Guardian. We can provide dog food if needed, but many fosters elect to feed the same food they feed their own dogs which is fine.

Foster Application

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