Surrendering a Dog

Your last resort

We understand that life can sometimes through you a curve ball and place you in a position where you cannot keep your pet. This is an unfortunate reality we see every single day in rescue. As a small foster based rescue it is our policy to only pull dogs from shelters as we do not take in owner surrenders or found stray dogs. Should you be in a situation where you have exhausted every option to keep your dog and have no other choice, we have comprised a list of local shelters that are “Pit Bull Friendly” meaning they do not euthanize solely based on breed or type of dog.

Resources to KEEP your dog

Behavior issues are the most common reason we hear from people when trying to surrender their dog. However most issues can easily be resolved with the right understanding and guidance from a trained professional. Visit our Trainer/Behaviorist page for a list of recommended resources to at least get an evaluation and take the efforts to correct any issues. After all, giving up on your pet without consulting a professional would be like giving away your car because it has a dead battery.

One of the most challenging things for many Pit Bull owners is finding housing that doesn’t have breed restrictions. There may be more options than you realize though and our list of Pit Bull friendly properties around Houston is constantly growing. Check out some of these properties if you’re looking for your next family home.

We understand that people can come across financial hardships, but that shouldn’t cost you a family member. Reach out to us and see if you may qualify for our dog owner financial assistance program to help alleviate the financial burden of pet ownership while keeping your family together.

We hear the phrase “I don’t have the time to give him/her the attention they deserve” quite often. The reality is that there isn’t an abundance of empty homes just waiting to spend hours a day with your dog. Even if a rescue is able to take in your dog it will most likely go to a foster home with more dogs, people, and responsibilities happening on a daily basis than it came from. We have fosters with 5 plus dogs on top of families and full time jobs. “Enough Time” is a choice and simply a matter of priorities. Don’t give up on your dog, find a way.

1 in 600

Once in the shelter system, only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls will find a home.

1 in 600

Pit Bull Prejudice

About 75% of municipal shelters euthanize pit bulls immediately upon intake, without them ever having any chance at adoption.

Pit Bull Prejudice

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