Our Mission

Mission Statement


Our first priority is to educate the public about the breed and promote responsible pit bull ownership. We strive to advocate for a breed that otherwise has no voice and falls victim to breed specific legislation, discrimination and cruelty due to an undeserved reputation. It is our goal to dispel the myth, fight ignorance and allow the public to know this breed for their loyalty, compassion and unconditional love that truly defines them. Guardian Pit Bull Rescue will continue to fight for the rights of this breed to have a fair chance at life.  We will educate, advocate and rescue and will continue in our efforts until they all have homes.

“To run any dog rescue is difficult, but to run a rescue for a breed that many believe shouldn’t be allowed to live, when governments and legislators enact laws to ban them entirely, and for a breed who’s finest characteristics have been exploited and misused by irresponsible owners, creating a reputation that has been demonized by a bias media driven society where fear sells….is something completely different.” — Aaron Ogden, Founder and President

We are simply a group of people who love our preferred breed of dog and have made the bbchoice to not stand by and do nothing but rather to stand up and be part of the difference in the world we want to see. It all began as the founders were volunteering at a local shelter and saw other breeds always going to rescue but Pit Bull after Pit Bull go nowhere in the shelter. As it turned out there was no rescue in the area for them to go. That would soon change. Aaron and Tanya Ogden started organizing the rescue and finding others that shared their passion for the breed. Since its beginning in 2010 the group has helped establish a positive presence of advocacy and an avenue for Pit Bulls in the Spring/Woodlands/Conroe to find responsible and loving homes. We also strive to educate current owners to help them become ambassadors for the breed and provide local obedience training.

As our group grows our reach and capabilities grow as well and the true strength of the difference we can make for the breed is the ultimate goal. We will continue to grow our support base and find new ways to advocate for a breed that is truly loyal and compassionate to no end. We will be the voice for a breed that is too often discriminated against simply because of their appearance. We hope you will consider joining our team and being the difference in the world you want to see.