Name: Watkins

Age: 3-4 years old

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: Available



Watkins is the biggest love bug around, and I do mean big!!  Watkins is a 90 pound goofy boy who wants nothing more than to be out of his kennel and laying on the dog bed.  Watkins has a couple years experience in him, being about 5 years old.  He enjoys time with other dogs and does not get overly excited and playful.  Watkins is a laid back dog that does have a small issue with being left alone.  He is afraid you wont come back for him, but is doing well at learning to be alone and be ok with that.  Watkins would thrive in a home that enjoys hanging at the house or even lazy adventures on the town.  He is well behaved when in social settings and loves to meet new people and dogs.  If you are looking for a laid back goofy boy, then Watkins is your guy.