Name: Tyrion

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: Available



Hello! I’m Tyrion! But my foster parents call me their Little Lord. So I’m pocket sized, but my heart is huge. I’m the best snuggle buddy you could ever ask for. All of the humans I meet go all googly when I give them these hugs where I snuggle my head by their neck. You know what I really love? A belly rub, nothing beats a good belly rub, not even bones. I’m really good with humans, my favorites are the little ones, they’re my size and lots of fun to play with. For the most part, I’m really quiet, but I snort a lot and snore when I sleep. I get really excited when my foster humans get home, that means more snuggles, I love snuggles! I like to follow the humans around the house and then lay on their feet when they sit down. I also love going on walks and going for car rides! I’m great with other dogs and even cats! I’m pretty chill!