Name: Taryn

Age: 1-2 years old

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: Available



Hi! My names Taryn. You’re wondering about my ears aren’t you… I know I know. I can’t help it though you should have seen me before! I was very quiet and pretty shy but my foster family has really shown me what love is and that’s all I really needed to come out of shell, that, and my breakfast and dinner. I really like my breakfast and dinner. I actually chew every morsel!

I have lots of 4 legged brothers and sisters and I get along with all of them great. Cats I’m not so sure about. My biggest foster brother he likes to nibble on ears when he plays and he did that to me but I didn’t do anything, he got yelled at though.

There’s a little human in my foster family, he’s 4 years old and I sometimes like to grab his toys and run away with them. He doesn’t find it that funny. I didn’t have toys for a very long time so LOTS of things are toys to me. When my foster family is doing laundry and they snap the tshirt, I’ll try to grab it and take off running with it, socks laying around those smell so weird but they are fun to carry around.

I’m still learning how to be a good dog but I’m so glad Guardian rescued me. I’ve had somewhat a bumpy road but I’m so ready for this next chapter with my forever family that will love me forever and ever.

My foster dad really wanted to keep me but mom said, I’m a foster, if they were to keep me they couldn’t save more just like me so I don’t want that to happen. He says I deserve a soft comfy bed to lay in for the rest of my life. Do you have that soft comfy bed for me? I promise I will love you for forever!