Name: Nellie

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: Available




Nellie is sweet and house trained. Being a terrier she has a pretty high prey drive so a home with cats or other small dogs wouldn’t be the best fit for her. Energy wise she’s moderate to high energy and would benefit from an active owner who is looking for an active pup to join in on their adventures. She loves to run and play and always wants to play with her foster brothers and sisters all the time. When it’s time to settle down she is very sweet and loves to give kisses. She’s a smart pup and isn’t one you should just let play alone in the backyard unattended as she may find a way out of the yard to chase a cat or squirrel if she happened to see one. Like many Pit Bull terriers she can be as sweet as she can be hard headed at times and will make an amazing companion and family member once she finds the right fit. Someone active that has some experience with the breed that has other higher energy dogs would be very beneficial as well as she seems to bond very quickly with her pack.