Name: Lexa
Age: 8 months old
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Available



Lexa does have a spinal issue from before she was rescued that has disabled her ability to use her rear legs. She is awaiting her wheelchair which will help her mobility but she will always live her life in a wheelchair due to the injury.
I am a sweet and sassy angel. My Foster parents believe I’m the very definition of a cuddle-bug as since I love to lay with anyone while they sleep, read, or watch TV. Oh, and I love to voice my opinions and I’ll let you know when I’m hungry or want attention. I love playing with small humans because I get to exercise as I follow them around the yard. How am I with strangers? Well… what’s a stranger? I just love all humans whether they are super tiny like me, or super big like my foster parents. I also get along with other dogs and animals, I’ll even help you hold their leash while you walk them. I’m an all around sweet heart, that will steal your heart! See what I did there? Xoxo. With lots of love Lexa


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